Battle for The Rhineland – Operation Veritable – The First 3 Days – Documentary 1984

Operation Veritable – The First 3 Days

The battle started on Feb 8th, 1945 and ended 31 days later on March 10th. It was a converging attack to close the west bank of the Rhine between Nijmegen and Dusseldorf by the 1st Canadian & 9th US Armies of FM Montgomery’s 21st Army Group. The three-part film concentrates on the Northern pincer and the operations of the 1st Canadian Army, which had British 30 Corps under command. Its plan was for a lightning blow in massive strength to blast a way through the German West Wall defences south-east of Nijmegen and reach to the Rhine opposite Wesel in about 3 – 4 days. In the event, British & Canadian troops experienced some of the toughest fighting of the North West European campaign, something their commanders planned to avoid.
Credit to : British Army Documentaries

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