Blasting Nazis Off an Invincible Mountain

Blasting Nazis

While the United States did not want to open another front in Italy, the British hoped for a rapid advance, and the Allies then agreed to fight in the country. However, they were unexpectedly met by fierce German opposition, leading to some of the most bitter fighting of World War 2. The strategy was necessary to dilute the German forces in Normandy and pave the way for Operation Overlord. But as winter came on the steep mountain slopes of Italy in January of 1944, the Allied troops were overwhelmed while struggling to gain an inch of ground. Not only did the Americans, British, and French had to join forces to push the enemy back, but they also needed the help of the forces from India, New Zealand, and Poland. Only together would they be able to breach the German Gustav Line, but it came with a costly price…

Credit Dark Docs