From Bormann’s Secretary to British Housewife – Hitler Bunker Escaper Else Krüger

Hitler Bunker Escaper Else Krüger

Else Krüger is not a name many associate with Hitler’s bunker, but as Martin Bormann’s senior secretary, she was present to the end, and even managed to escape to the British occupation zone. She married her British Army interrogator and moved to England. She has remained an enigma owing to her refusal to give interviews concerning Bormann and the death of Hitler. Was she hiding secrets? For over a year, I’ve been trying to find the truth. What I’ve found adds some important new information to the last days of the Third Reich, and suggests Fraulein Krüger knew more than she let on.

A great many thanks the following individuals and institutions for their assistance during research for this project:
– Robin Bird for kindly sharing with me his extensive research into Else Krüger and Martin Bormann
– Judith Curthoys of Christ Church College, Oxford, for locating copies of correspondence between Krüger and Hugh Trevor-Roper
– Professor Blair Worden of the Literary Estate of Lord Dacre of Glanton for kind permission to reproduce letters

Credit to : Mark Felton Productions

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