German News Report : Onboard As Battleship KMS Scharnhorst & KMS Gneisenau Sink HMS Glorious WW2

Scharnhorst & Gneisenau Sink HMS Glorious

WWII footage of naval combat action at sea of Nazi Germany’s Kriegsmarine vs. Royal Navy ships. Battle film with sound from aboard the German battleship / battlecruiser KMS Scharnhorst as she and KMS Gneisenau engage in the sinking of the aircraft carrier HMS Glorious and her two escorting destroyers, Acasta and Ardent. You are in the middle of the action in this video clip from the World War II German propaganda newsreel Die Deutsche Wochenschau. Very intense World War 2 naval battle scenes with sound and big 11 inch (28cm) guns firing. Narrated in German.

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