How Poland Finally CRUSHED the Mongols

How Poland Finally CRUSHED the Mongols – DOCUMENTARY

1287, the Mongolian Golden Horde launches a major campaign against the Kingdom of Poland. This would be the third time a Mongol army invaded the country; the Poles knew well that they were facing a formidable opponent. Commanded by two capable and experienced military leaders – Nogai Khan and Talabuga Khan, the Golden Horde’s army divided and entered Poland via two attack points. For many of the Poles, they had little option but to hole up within the country’s fortresses. However, one nobleman, Duke Leszek the Black, would muster an army and confront the Golden Horde head on. Meanwhile, he would appeal to his neighbor, the King of Hungary for help. Hungary would respond, and soon, a coalition Polish-Hungarian force would stand against the Mongols, bolstered by the courageous Hungarian commander George of Sóvár.
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Credit to : Real Crusades History

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