It was the Army’s Only Air to Air Kill Since WW2

Military History

In early 1968, as the Vietnam War raged on, a MiG-17 fighter jet was shot down over the A Shau Valley by U.S. aviator Ken Lee while piloting an OV-1 Mohawk. The MiG kill was only one of an estimated 131 shot down in air combat during the conflict. But what made this event so remarkable was the fact that Ken Lee was a U.S. Army Captain aboard a U.S. Army aircraft. It was the only instance of an air to air kill by the U.S. Army to date since World War II. However, despite the apparent notoriety of the event, the aerial assault violated protocol established under the Key West Agreement. Therefore, the U.S. Army and high-ranking officers went to great lengths to cover it up…

Credit Dark Docs

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