Last Stand at Le Paradis – Dunkirk 1940 (WW2 Documentary)

Last Stand at Le Paradis

By late May 1940, hundreds of thousands of Allied soldiers found themselves trapped in an ever-shrinking pocket around the French port of Dunkirk. Relentlessly harassed by both ground and air, they engaged in a bitter fight to hold the Dunkirk perimeter, ultimately saving more than 300,000 men from death or capture. Those remarkable feats achieved in one of the most famous episodes of WW2 did not come for free. Thousands of men lost their lives or liberty, and hundreds more, unfortunate enough to fall into the hands of the notorious SS would be killed even after the fighting had stopped. This is the story of one such group, who fell victim to the SS Totenkopf Division in what became known as the ‘Le Paradis Massacre’.
Credit to : Battle Guide

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