Midway From The Japanese Perspective

Midway From The Japanese Perspective

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It’s June 4, 1942, the Battle of Midway – a decisive battle of the Pacific War. The Japanese fleet also known as the Kidō Butai prepare to strike the decisive blow to the American fleet. But an unexpected set of events leads to the loss of 3 out of 4 Japanese aircraft carriers. The Rear Admiral Tamon Yamaguchi has a task of changing the course of the battle. Leading the aircraft carrier Hiryū he is to destroy the US ships: Enterprise, Hornet and Yorktown.

00:00 Kidō Butai is on its way to Midway
01:09 Hiryū is attacked by TBF Avengers
02:04 The planes are rearmed to charge Midway
03:01 The Americans are trying to destroy Hiryū
04:26 Zeros desperately try to stop TBD Devastators
05:11 World of Warships
06:05 Kidō Butai is making maneuvers to avoid torpedoes
06:43 SBDs’ severe attack on the Japanese fleet
08:38 The attack has been finished: only Hiryū survives it
09:32 It’s time for a Japanese revenge: dive bombers are on the go
10:10 Wildcats vs Japanese bombers
13:02 Tomonaga’s squadron attacks Yorktown
15:20 American planes bomb Hiryū to her bitter end
16:22 Yamaguchi’s last words to his men
17:33 Captain Kaku and Admiral Yamaguchi face their last sunrise

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