Napoleon’s Downfall: Invasion of Russia 1812 (Full Documentary)

Napoleon’s Downfall

0:00 Why Napoleon Invaded Russia
14:50 The Grand Army of 1812
26:30 Napoleon’s First Defeat in Russia
38:36 The Siege of Riga
49:31 The Race to Smolensk
1:00:15 The Battle of Smolensk
1:10:26 The Battle of Lubino
1:20:11 The Partisan War Begins
1:30:21 The Battle of Shevardino Redoubt
1:40:11 The Battle of Borodino
1:53:02 Napoleon Takes Moscow
2:04:09 Napoleon’s Campaign Collapses
2:26:48 Napoleon’s Retreat From Moscow
Credit to : Real Time History

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