Putin’s Military Police On Patrol In Ukraine War Zone. (EXCLUSIVE)

Putin’s Military Police On Patrol In Ukraine War Zone. (EXCLUSIVE)

Russia’s Frontline Underfire and in battle soldiers are not the only of Vladimir Putin and Russia’s Soldiers that will get an Interview and be covered in this report. I will be showing you how Putin’s Military Police In the Ukraine War Zone conduct patrols and police the streets of Lugansk during the Russian Martial law AFTER curfew looking for and finding some of the following “Ukrainian Spies, illegal weapons, drugs, Military and civilian law breakers”.
Tucker Carlson’s Interview with Putin is a huge milestone for alternative media but we have a long way to go. Watch the video until the end as you will be very surprised how the Russian military police on the streets of Lugansk consist of a collaboration between regular Russian soldiers, Lugansk Internal affairs Police and Chechen / Chechnya “Akhmat” battalion

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00:00:00 Introduction
00:00:19 MP Commander on what the are doing there and why
00:01:23 Civilian breaking curfew and Process of checks
00:03:00 K9 search and interview with training
00:06:43 illegal Weapons’ found when searching soldiers
00:12:19 Roundup Get as much information as possible and educate yourself

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Credit to : Patrick Lancaster

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