Scuba Diving the U853 German Submarine Wreck with a GoPro

U853 German Submarine Wreck

Scuba Diving the U853 German Submarine wreck with gopro.
German submarine U-853 was a Type IXC/40 U-boat of Nazi Germany’s Kriegsmarine during World War II. Her keel was laid down on 21 August 1942 by DeSchiMAG AG Weser of Bremen. She was commissioned on 25 June 1943 with Kapitänleutnant Helmut Sommer in command. U-853 saw action during the Battle of the Atlantic in World War II. She conducted three patrols, sinking two ships totalling 5,783 tons.
On her final patrol, U-853 was sent to harass United States coastal shipping. She destroyed USS Eagle Boat 56 near Portland, Maine. Just days before Germany’s surrender, U-853 torpedoed and sank the collier Black Point during the Battle of Point Judith. American warships quickly found U-853 and sank her 7 nmi (13 km; 8.1 mi) east of Block Island, Rhode Island, resulting in the loss of her entire crew.
U-853 is a popular deep sea diving site. She rests in 121 feet (37 m) of water. Holes in the hull permit access to the interior of the submarine, though it is a war grave with most of the 55 crew bodies remaining inside.

Credit to : Peter Ferreira

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