Soldiers So Secret Their Own Country Couldn’t Know About Them

Small-Scale Raiding Force and Special Operations Executive Operatives

The idea behind Operation Postmaster was a sensitive and potentially catastrophic bone of contention that had British authorities torn apart as 1941 drew to a close.

On the one hand, the Small-Scale Raiding Force and Special Operations Executive operatives that had come up with it were more than eager to show the world the capabilities of commando warfare. In their mind, stealing several German ships right in front of the noses of the Third Reich would be a risky yet attainable operation.

On the other hand, some British officials were concerned about the mission taking place on the island of Fernando Po, a Spanish African territory. The event could ignite a diplomatic conundrum if the mission failed and British commandos were captured in neutral territory.

The Franco regime was all but a wartime ally of Nazi Germany, and an act of aggression on their territory had the potential to be the last drop that pushed Franco into joining the Axis powers.

Even so, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill was unmoved by the threat of an Axis Spain and wanted to prove that his secret commandos could shift the tides of the war. Operation Postmaster was happening even if it meant pulling Spain into the fight…
Credit to : Dark Docs

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