The Celts – BBC Series, Episode 6 – A Dead Song? 

Threats to the Celtic Identity

In the sixth episode of the series, this program examines the emergence, history, meaning and threats to the Celtic identity. Today the struggle to define an identity continues. This final segment is a discussion on the degree to which modern people may view themselves as Celts, with examples of modern Celtic-inspired practices like military discipline and warfare, the Welsh Eisteddfod, modern Irish music and art, and the efforts of the Bretons and Cape Bretoners to preserve their native languages in the face of societal assimilation by their ruling nations.

Some of this episode was filmed in Portmeirion, Wales and makes references to the 1960’s series The Prisoner.

The Celts were the first European people north of the Alps to rise from anonymity. This program looks at who the Celts were, where they came from and what made their culture so distinctive.
Credit to : FilmRise Documentaries

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