The First Soviet Air Dropped Atomic Bomb – RDS3 Test Footage

First Soviet Air Dropped Atomic Bomb

After the successful nuclear detonations on top of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the Soviet Union was slow to react and focus its resources on nuclear research. However, thanks to successful espionage activities, the Soviets eventually got up to speed, and by 1949, they detonated their first warhead. Joseph Stalin was delighted. Despite the successful feat, the Soviet scientists continued working hard at developing a more powerful and less resource-consuming atomic bomb. The result of this meticulous research paid off in October of 1951 when the Soviet Union was finally able to detonate its first nuclear bomb made up of 75 percent of uranium and 25 percent of plutonium. It was dubbed RDS3 Marya, and the impressive scale of devastation it left behind can be seen in footage taken straight from ground zero… —

Credit Dark Footage

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