The Glass Bubble Bomber

Glass Bubble Bomber

It was September of 1943, and United States Army Air Forces servicemen were puzzled by the strange aircraft silhouette approaching the airfield at Wright Field in Dayton, Ohio. It had an airframe unlike any other employed by the US Army, but was marked by American flags and insignia. The men behind the anti-aircraft guns were uncomfortable at the sight of the unidentified warplane, and prepared for the worst. Once it got closer, the crews were able to identify the warplane as a Luftwaffe Junkers Ju 88, except it looked more imposing and powerful with its three cannons located in the mosquito-shaped cockpit. The men didn’t know it by then, but it was the first captured Junkers Ju 188, a new multirole fighter bomber that was also the first German combat aircraft to ever cross the Atlantic and land in the US.

Credit Dark Spies

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