The Lancet’s Savage Takedown of the Gepard on The Battlefield

Takedown of the Gepard on The Battlefield

In the ever-evolving world of military technology, two fascinating innovations took center stage – Lancet and Gepard. Both are military systems, with Lancet being a drone, and Gepard being an anti-aircraft system.
Amidst the ongoing Russo-Ukraine conflict, Lancet, a product of Russian innovation, garnered attention for its effective targeting of enemy platforms, including Gepard. However, the intricacies of warfare unveiled a surprising twist. Despite Lancet’s formidable reputation, reports tell a different story when it encountered Gepard.

Last year’s circulated footage clearly showcased Gepard’s resilience against Lancet drone attack, sustaining minimal damage with superficial scratches on its turret. As the battlefield transforms into a canvas, revealing the strengths and weaknesses of these military systems, a crucial question lingers: What sets them apart?
Credit to : Defense TV

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