The Most Absolutely Insane Target of WW2

The Most Absolutely Insane Target of WW2

Over an evening of drinks in Cairo, two British Special Operations Executive agents devised the organization’s boldest plan yet.

During the Axis occupation of the Greek island of Crete, the two men hatched a plan to kidnap the feared Friedrich-Willhelm Müller.

For Captain Stanley Moss, barely 18, the mission was his first chance to shine within the top-secret SOE. But for Major Patrick Leigh Fermor, who’d been present during the invasion of the island and seen Mueller’s savagery against the population firsthand, the operation was personal.

However, as the plan began to unfold and the men prepared to travel into Crete, one of the most dangerous islands in the Mediterranean, invaded by the Italians and the Germans, Muller was transferred.

After evaluating the immense risks of such an operation, the SOE had two choices: to cancel the mission outright or to go on with it.

As part of the United Kingdom’s most elite spy and covert operations organization, the decision was clear for the two men: to face the danger and parachute into Crete to claim their prey…

Credit to : Dark Docs

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