The Most Dangerously Insane Stunt of WW2

Insane Stunt of WW2

The German troops defending the area in and around the city of Wesel were bravely fighting to protect the fatherland, but their tenacity would not be enough. By late March of 1945, the German army was exhausted, fighting a hopeless last stand on both fronts. Still, the weary soldiers on the Western side had one cover left: the Rhine River. If the Allies were to cross the last major obstacle leading to the heart of Germany, the Third Reich would be over. Thus, the German resistance kept fighting to the last man while the Allied armies made their way across the Rhine, trying to gain another foothold on their way to Berlin. But while the Germans engaged the enemy on their side of the river, they suddenly realized something odd: there was movement on the downed bridge. Without hesitation, they started shooting at the incoming enemy, but little did they know that the group included British Prime Minister Winston Churchill…

Credit Dark Docs

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