The Most Destructive Attack in History – Night of the Black Snow

Most Destructive Attack in History

After days of waiting for the perfect weather conditions, the ideal time finally came on March 9, 1945. Three hundred B-29 Superfortress bombers then took off from US air bases across the Mariana Islands, carrying over 500,000 napalm and petroleum jelly cylinders to be dropped on top of the heart of Tokyo. For the last five months, the Twentieth Air Force had been using American B-29 bombers to carry out precision strikes on several military targets in Japan, but the results were deemed fruitless. Eager to force Japan into surrendering, the US decided to switch from precision strikes to area strikes in the hopes that they would be as successful as in Hamburg and Dresden. During that fateful day, the massive formation of American bombers unleashed a firestorm over Tokyo as the world had never seen before or since. The Night of the Black Snow would make the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki pale in comparison, becoming the single most destructive bombing raid in history…

Credit Dark Docs

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