The Most Flawless WW2 Fighter Plane (Except for This One Thing)

WW2 Fighter Plane

Despite Britain’s best efforts to keep the peace, on September 1, 1939, Adolf Hitler shocked the world by invading Poland. A war like the world had never seen before was coming to Europe, and Britain was nowhere near ready to resist the rising Wehrmacht. Desperate for modern aircraft, the British requested warplanes from the US, whose dormant aircraft industry could only spare limited amounts. They were then sold several P-40 Warhawks, but they needed many more as the conflict escalated. After the Curtiss corporation was unable to manufacture the numbers Britain required, they turned to James H. Kindleberger, the president of a recently formed aircraft manufacturer. He not only assured them that he could produce the P-40s they needed, but that he could do better and come up with a far superior warplane in just 120 days. The result would come to be known as the most aerodynamically flawless pursuit plane in existence: a fast, agile, and reliable aircraft that would shift the balance of the war.

Credit Dark Skies

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