The Most Ruthless Things Hernan Cortes Did

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History brims with oppressive, self-serving, and indifferent people. Hernán Cortés, the notorious Spanish conquistador, was one of them. Spanish conquistadors were generally insensitive and exploitive to indigenous peoples in their quest for wealth and power. Cortés was a trailblazer – he was the first Spaniard to make significant inroads in what is today modern Mexico. However, his actions led to the demise of one of the most powerful empires in the Americas. Born into a noble family in Spain around 1485, Cortés experienced a restless childhood, dreaming of fame and fortune. Spain’s increasing exploration of the Americas gave the young Cortés the chance he was looking for. In 1504, he followed his dreams westward. Cortés subsequent actions ultimately led to the fall of the Aztec world.

Credit Weird History