The Mysterious Genetic Origins of Native Americans before Columbus

Final Continents that Humanity Discovered

The Americas were the final continents that humanity discovered, and the early Native American settlers were an extremely tough people, that first had to endure the frozen Arctic. In order to survive, the people who would eventually conquer the Americas developed some peculiar adaptations, and It’s possible that these people were separated from the rest of humanity for 15,000 years. A small group of explorers stood on the brink of a new world. The Americas, a 15 million square mile region to the south, contained vast plains, dense rainforests, and massive mountain ranges. A remarkable adventure had just come to an end, which was the only reason an epic journey was about to start. These early explorers in America had spent centuries eking out a living in the barren areas just south of the Arctic circle, before making the journey south. Global temperatures fell once they got to the north, and the weather got even worse. These original explorers chose to stay put in the face of deteriorating circumstances, spending thousands of years apart from the rest of humanity. Now that their fate has been revealed, it is evident that something remarkable occurred during those years. It turns out that the unusual adaptations, that the people who would eventually conquer the Americas developed to survive, can be used to identify their descendants today.
Credit to : Ancient Geographic

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