The Plane that Fell for the Greatest Trick in Air Force History

MiG-21 supersonic jet fighter

More often than not, military aircraft have notoriously short lifespans, and fighters face a particular problem as they must compete directly with the newest available models. Only a handful of fighters around the globe have been able to stand the test of time, and one of them is the MiG-21. With NATO callsign Fishbed and known as the Blue Bandit by many American pilots who faced it in combat, the MiG-21 supersonic jet fighter and interceptor aircraft ranks as one of the most widely produced and exported fighters in history. An aircraft fast enough to catch up with even the most skilled American pilots and armed with missiles instead of guns, the MiG-21 was highly feared during Operation Rolling Thunder in Vietnam. Still, despite its power, impact, and sheer production numbers, the Soviet-made design fell victim to what many consider one of the most impressive ruses in military warfare…

Credit Dark Skies

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