The Plane that was More Expensive than the Atomic Bomb

Plane more Expensive than the Atomic Bomb

The Boeing B-29 Superfortress not only brought one of the world’s largest and most brutal conflicts to a shocking end by delivering the atomic bombs on top of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, but it also revolutionized combat aviation technology as a whole. With a staggering wingspan of 141 feet and a total 99-foot length from nose to tail, the colossal aircraft was the heaviest bomber in the world when it flew for the first time in 1942. Moreover, it had two enormous bomb bays that could carry the most massive payloads of any warplane. The Superfortress was engineered as one of the first warplanes with a pressurized cabin, and it was able to fly so high that no Japanese aircraft could reach it. The project was the most expensive and ambitious military undertaking by the US military of its time, costing even more than the Manhattan Project that created the atomic bomb.

Credit Dark Skies

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