The REAL Cause of EVERY Financial Crisis

The REAL Cause of EVERY Financial Crisis

We’re at it again. These are tough times.
It’s gotten so bad that it has even taken a toll on this and it’s a big deal.
In NYC, for decades, there was the pizza principle: where a slice of pizza was the same price as a subway ticket.
But not anymore. The decade-long balance is now gone.
The bad thing is that it’s much more than just pizza.
Global chaos, rampant inflation, and a looming financial crisis.
Crypto rose promised millions and then collapsed, taking people’s fortunes with it.

Startups are closing down, and thousands are losing their jobs.
Expensive pizza is the least of our problems.
The problem is that having something to eat, like a slice of pizza a miracle for some.

And a bigger question lingers: how do we end up in this sh*t in the first place? And, most importantly, who’s responsible?

Let’s talk about financial crises in this episode of Company Forensics.

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0:00 Financial Crises – Intro
1:27 Financial Crises- 1700
6:04 Financial Crises – 1929
16:52 Financial Crises – 2008

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