The Undiscovered Golden Cities Of The Incan Empire | Lost City Of Gold

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The two flinty syllables strike at the imagination like the sudden hard beat of an Andean drum: Inca. Their cities of gold, sun worship, and virgin sacrifice. It is the stuff of legend. Legends that for the most part remain hidden in the impenetrable no man’s land of Peru’s high country. For the better part of 400 years, people have searched the deep canyons and towering ice peaks of these mist-covered cloud forests trying to locate the lost cities of the Inca. They were all after one thing; gold. Any gold would do but there was one thing desired above all others, the Great Golden Disc of the Sun. The most sacred of all Inca relics. The Inca Holy Grail. It is in search of this Holy Grail that David Adams goes on his journey to Puncuyoc, the sacred Sister City of Machu Picchu; the city sought but never found by Hiram Bingham.

Credit Absolute History