The WW2 Fighter that could Rip apart any Target

WW2 Fighter

It was October 11, 1943, and Colonel Neel E. Kearby and three of his men were attacking the Japanese base at Wewak in the Pacific. But the situation went quickly wrong when about 40 Japanese Army fighters showed up to defend the base. The four men were heavily outnumbered, but Kearby considered the odds were even. Each of the four Republic P47 Thunderbolts they were piloting was armed with a powerful machine-gun battery of eight .50-caliber Browning MGs with a combined fire rate of 100 rounds per second. Without hesitating, the four US aircraft joined the fray and began firing at the enemy’s formation with devastating consequences. The P47s were well on their way to becoming the unstoppable Juggernauts…

Credit Dark Skies

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