What America Got when it thought it was safe to Land a B-29 in Russia

B-29 in Russia

It was Aviation Day of 1947 at Moscow’s Tushino airfield. The crowds had gathered to witness an impressive spectacle, and the US military attaches and several other Western powers were also excited to see the Soviet aircraft. The event was going well until something caught the attention of the American personnel: three colossal aircraft were approaching the crowd, and they looked just like their own B-29 Superfortress, the world’s most potent strategic bomber until then. Some thought that Joseph Stalin might have refused to return the B-29s that had landed on Soviet territory during World War 2. However, their jaws dropped when they saw a fourth one approaching and joining the formation. In reality, the Soviets had successfully replicated the B-29 bomber and developed the Tu-4 Bull, and Stalin now had a fleet of long-range bombers capable of dropping nuclear bombs over all of Western Europe and the United States…

Credit Dark Skies

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