Why England Erased These Villages

Why England Erased These Villages

In 1965, England drowned the Welsh village of Capel Celyn and the surrounding farmlands, home to 70 residents. This one event reshaped Wales but is forgotten about in England. In this video, Andy, visits the site of this lost settlement to speak with people who saw it all happen to understand, how England could do this, how it reshaped Welsh nationalism, and whether something like this could ever happen again.

Time Stamps:

0:00 The drowned village of Capel Celyn
2:14 The reason you haven’t heard about this
2:51 Life in Capel Celyn
4:22 Life in post-war Liverpool
5:41 Liverpool is running out of water
6:31 Lake Vyrnwy
6:55 Liverpool’s search for water
7:17 My search for ex-residents of Capel Celyn
8:50 The 5 hour drive to Capel Celyn
10:35 Capel Celyn today
11:35 Growing up in the village
12:12 Why Liverpool want to flood the Tryweryn Valley
13:16 A £16 million reservoir
13:46 Local pushback
15:39 How did England do this?
16:50 A very short history of England & Wales
17:51 The UK votes on flooding the Tryweryn Valley
18:47 Liverpool’s plan to flood the valley
19:37 The building of the reservoir
19:59 The eviction of Capel Celyn
20:42 The explosion in Capel Celyn
22:52 The police catch the 3 men.
23:44 I’ve set up an interview with one of them
24:00 The aftermath of the explosion across Wales
24:24 The demolition of the village
25:25 The year of the drowning (1965)
25:49 The day of the drowning
26:39 A new era of Welsh Nationalism
27:17 Meeting the Tryweryn Bomber
27:57 Why they did it
28:49 The rise of paramilitary groups in Wales
30:22 Mudiad Amddiffyn Cymru (MAC)
31:19 The MAC bombings
31:39 The Investiture of the Prince of Wales
33:01 Owain Williams – In hindsight, was it a good idea?
34:17 Welsh Devolution
35:22 What it’s like to live here today?
35:45 Liverpool’s secret agenda
37:46 Could this happen again?
39:31 Outro & Behind-the-Scenes

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Credit to : Faultline

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