French SS Charlemagne Division & LVF: The French who fought for Germany

French SS Charlemagne Division & LVF: Hitlers last defenders

During WW2 thousands of French soldiers fought for Germany as both part of the Wehrmacht and later the SS. The LVF or Legion of Foreign Volunteers agaisnt Bolshevism (“Légion des volontaires français contre le bolchévisme”) was a French unit which fought on the Eastern Front. They participated very briefly in the Battle of Moscow, but were mostly used to fight partisans. Later the LVF was merged into the SS Charlemagne Division, a division of troops which also fought on the Eastern Front against the advancing Soviet Forces in Pomerania and Galicia, before finally being among Adolf Hitlers last defenders in Berlin in 1945. Very few members of the division survived but a number managed to return to France after the war where they mostly resumed normal lives.

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Credit to : WW2 Stories

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