Sir Francis Drake: England’s Greatest Hero

Sir Francis Drake: England’s Greatest Hero

Sir Francis Drake’s attacks on Spanish ships, towns, and ports in the Caribbean, the Pacific, and on Iberia itself frustrated and terrorised Spanish governors, admirals, King Phillip II himself and even the Pope in Rome. He robbed the Spanish gold and silver from the jungles of Panama, seized laden treasure ships from the Azores to the Pacific and helped save England from the terrifying Spanish Armada.

The first captain to successfully circumnavigate the globe, he was without doubt the finest navigator, most accomplished explorer, and wealthiest pirate of his age. But who was this man really? What caused him to sail around the world and spend a lifetime seeking fame and fortune at sea? And why was he so motivated to wage an endless personal war against the entire Spanish Empire?

This is the incredible story of England’s greatest hero, Sir Francis Drake.

*Video Chapters*

00:00 The Life of Francis Drake
02:04 Video Sponsorship
03:08 Drake’s Early Voyages
13:24 The Battle of San Juan de Ulúa
18:27 Drake Steals Treasure in Panama
27:18 The Rathlin Island Massacre
28:44 The Circumnavigation Begins
39:29 The Great Pirate Raid in the Pacific
49:10 Nova Albion
51:50 Completing the Circumnavigation
56:00 The Great Raid on the Spanish West Indies
01:05:17 Drake’s Attack on Cadiz
01:12:03 The Spanish Armada
01:18:57 Drake’s Final Years
Credit to : Dan Davis History

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