The Ancient Origins Of Medieval Scotland’s Most Feared Military Tactics 

Scotland’s Most Feared Military Tactics

The renowned reputation of Scottish clans as formidable warriors traces its roots back to the Picts, who, despite Hadrian’s Wall, continuously plundered Roman Britain through sea raids. With a blend of Viking and Celtic blood, an array of weaponry, including battle axes and blades, was developed. Scottish men were raised with a warrior mindset, crucial for facing their natural adversary, England. Despite typically engaging in internecine conflicts, the clans united in a fierce war of independence from 1296 onwards. This resistance was sparked when Edward I (the ‘Hammer of the Scots,) claimed the Scottish throne for his puppet, only to be cleverly defeated by the rebellious upstart William Wallace, who met a gruesome end after ultimate defeat.
Credit to : Chronicle – Medieval History Documentaries

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