The Most Lethal Demolition Man of WW2

WW2 History

Robert Jean Marie de La Rochefoucauld fled France in 1940 to escape the relentless Gestapo forces. He returned three years later, but the 19-year-old had become a cunning and lethal French resistance operative trained by British commandos to conduct sabotage and reconnaissance missions deep within enemy territory. After dropping from a warplane in the wilderness near the town of Bordeaux and concealing his parachute, La Rochefoucauld immediately began to work. The young man first acquired a local worker’s uniform, allowing him to pass unnoticed in the German-occupied city. He then infiltrated a German munitions plant and, little by little, smuggled 40 kilograms of explosives concealed in hollowed-out baguettes and specially designed shoes. After four days, he set off the payload and rushed from the scene. The story, however, would be a mere afterthought compared to the daring adventures the man considered the greatest French saboteur was destined to lead…

Credit Dark Docs

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