The Only Blackhawk Attack Helicopter Ever Built – S-67


At the height of the Vietnam War, the US Military was deeply interested in implementing a new attack chopper that would pack a punch and pummel enemy ground forces in the dense jungles of Vietnam. The military also aimed to use it as a support vehicle to escort Hueys carrying soldiers and Marines to battle. The Sikorsky Company was already a renowned name in helicopter manufacturing, with the S-61, S-64, and S-65 models in production. But over that prior decade, the company had lost competitions for the army utility helicopter (the UH-1), the army large utility helicopter (the CH-47 Chinook), and several other mission roles. Their newest prototype, however, caught the attention of the Army. It was the S-67 — a unique helicopter with tremendous capabilities for any kind of combat situation thanks to its slender fuselage and its astonishing amount of firepower. It was the ideal chopper for winning the war in Vietnam, but sadly, it arrived too late to change the tide of the fight. Only one Sikorsky S-67 was ever completed. It was America’s first Blackhawk. (Technically the only Blackhawk before the name was changed to Black Hawk for the UH-60 to be used in a support and utility role.)

Credit Dark Skies

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