The Terrifying Soldier Rampaging on 30 Tablets of Meth

Terrifying Soldier Rampaging

Aimo Koivunen and a small group of Finnish ski troops set camp in a snow-covered forested area for a brief rest after a long night patrol. Before they could settle, the white calmness of the Finnish countryside was suddenly shattered by the sound of Soviet gunfire. The Finnish troopers jumped to their feet and hastily packed as an entire Soviet platoon began to enclose them. In a desperate dash across the woods, Koivunen led his countrymen away from the Soviet forces, but the enemies went after them and an ardent pursuit across the frozen wasteland ensued. Koivunen and his comrades knew the region well, but crippling exhaustion soon took hold of them. Now, with the Soviets at his heels, the young trooper was about to collapse. That’s when he remembered he was holding Pervitin, a German drug that allowed soldiers to stay alert for days at a time. As he skied downhill, he tried to pour a pill into his mitten-covered hand, but the entire lot fell at once and Koivunen swallowed the whole batch of 30 methamphetamines. Koivunen was then able to lead the way as his men continued their excruciating escape attempt. But suddenly, the trees and his comrades began to shift into strange shapes as he abruptly drifted in and out of consciousness.

Credit Dark Docs

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