True Size of a Roman Legion (3D) DOCUMENTARY

True Size of a Roman Legion

A history documentary on the True Size of a Roman Legion. This is our first episode in the new True Size series which seeks to bring history to life in 3D using Unreal Engine 5. In this episode we cover the organization of a Roman Legion from the soldier to the Contubernium, the Century, the Cohort, and the Legion. Along the way we not only include the troops and their officers but all the slaves, mules, support, staff, and gear which accompanied them. This makes for a much better understanding of the Roman army structure.

We then put these into context by looking at a Roman army camp, a Roman army on the march, and a Roman army in battle order. This gives the viewer a full 3D history of a legion like never before.

00:00 Intro
01:42 1. Legionary
02:15 2. Contubernium
04:17 3. Century
06:55 4. Cohort
09:20 5. Legion
13:30 6. Command
16:35 7. Total Size
17:35 8. Camp
19:16 9. March
21:14 10. Battle Order

Credit to : Invicta

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